2019 SHINE Leadership Conference

Saturday, September 28, 2019; 9:00 am Check-in, program 10:00 am-5:35 pm; Location: CSUN USU Northridge Center

Purpose: The SHINE Conference is a one-day collaborative conference for Matador Student Leaders with a purpose to assist current organizational leaders and potential leaders in recruiting new members, transitioning new leadership, organization stability, statewide & campus policy/procedures, civic responsibility, and leadership development. We hope to give all participants the tools they need to sustain a healthy student-run organization and gain a better understanding of how their leadership and service will benefit them in their life and career. We do this by working in partnership with multiple campus programs/departments to provide interactive sessions for the improvement of leadership skills and to inspire better collaboration.

The SHINE Leadership Conference is mandatory for all University Recognized Student Clubs and Organizations at CSUN seeking university recognition for the current academic year. The PRESIDENT or TREASURER MUST ATTEND.

Student Learning Outcomes

Social Responsibility: Establish a sense of responsibility for the well-being of all people and the environment.

Happiness/Wellness: Identify ways to find happiness & satisfaction in your own life and role. Gain physical and mental health techniques.

Inclusion: Explore how we respect, appreciate, value and participate with all people in the community.

Networking: Establish relationships with other student leaders; Understand the importance and benefits of collaboration.

Engagement: Being accountable for your own skill acquisition by actively engaging in opportunities to learn and grow.

Make-Up Video and Quiz

SHINE 2019 Program