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Student COVID-19 Compliance Requirements

Avery Fox (left) and Kayla Hoeflinger (right). Recent CSUN Grads’ Documentary Named Finalist for Student Academy Awards

“Translucent” is a documentary that shows the raw reality of gender transitioning in a world where transgender representation is scarce and often inaccurate, giving a voice to someone who genuinely understands the struggle from personal experience. “I had the opportunity as a trans person and as a trans filmmaking student to tell my story, and tell it the right way,” said Avery Fox, co-creator and main subject of the documentary. Continue reading about Recent CSUN Grads’ Documentary Named Finalist .

University Library with CSUN banners. CSUN President Celebrates New Initiatives, Focuses on Inclusive Excellence

CSUN President Erika D. Beck last week greeted the CSUN community — and welcomed students, faculty and staff returning to a partially reopened campus — in her annual Fall Welcome Address on Sept. 10. In kicking off the 2021-22 academic year that began Aug. 28, Beck set a tone of inspiration and challenge, reflecting the campus community’s focus on amplifying inclusive excellence and shaping a brighter future for Matador students. Continue reading about how CSUN President Celebrates New Initiatives.

CSUN alumnus Paul Warshauer. Never Forget: Alumnus Who Photographed Ground Zero Reflects on 20th Anniversary of 9/11

CSUN alumnus and photographer Ringo Chiu ’01 (Special Major), who was a student at the time, traveled to New York City to document the aftermath of the attacks. In 2021, Chiu was one of two CSUN alumni to be awarded a Pulitzer Prize — along with Julio Cortez ’06 (Journalism), part of 10 Associated Press photographers honored with a 2021 Pulitzer Prize in the Breaking News category. In total, five CSUN alumni have earned journalism’s top prize. Continue reading about how Alumnus Who Photographed Ground Zero Reflects on 20th Anniversary.

The Earth view with the city lights visible while the Sun appear on horizon. NASA Internships Triple for ARCS Students in Majors Across Campus

As NASA invests millions of dollars in initiatives to help diversify the STEM workforce, a partnership with California State University, Northridge was a natural fit. With 60% of its student population identifying as traditionally underserved and 56% female, CSUN’s NASA-funded Autonomy Research Center for STEAHM (ARCS) is a natural place to provide opportunities in science, technology, engineering, math — and beyond — to students who traditionally haven’t had them, including women. Continue reading about NASA Internships for ARCS Students.

A group of students at the Bookstore Complex meeting for lunch. Disconnecting to Reconnect: Students Come Face-To-Face for Fall Hybrid Classes

For the first time in 18 months, groups of CSUN students wandered through campus’ maze of walkways their way to class, Monday, Aug. 30. The university, which had gone primarily online in March 2020, opened its doors to a more hybrid semester with approximately 50 percent of classes having an on-campus component, increasing the population on campus significantly. For returning students, campus is a mix of familiar and new. Continue reading about how Students Come Face-To-Face for Fall Hybrid Classes.

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