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Dr. Jonathan Kelber with two students in lab.


NIH Awards CSUN Professor $1.46M to Support Cancer Research

CSUN Weekly _ Kelber

Portrait of CSUN biology professor Cindy Malone

CSUN Receives $2.77 Million to Build ‘Bridges’ to Regenerative Medicine

CSUN Today _ Malone


Coral reef from the air.

Professor Bob Carpenter is Among a Team of 20 International Researchers Taking NASA on a Voyage to the Depths of the Ocean


CSUN Today _ Carpenter

Wheeler North Award Recipient Larry Allen giving presentation.


Professor Larry Allen, Chair of Biology, receives the 2016 Wheeler North Award from the California Academy of Sciences



Portrait of Dr. Rachel Mackelprang

Prof receives $1.3 million NASA grant to study possible link to ET life

CSUN Magazine (Mackelprang) 

 Dr. Randy Cohen and Dr. Ben Yespelkis

Rat Race: The neurological effects of exercise in rats with ataxia

CSUN Magazine (Cohen) 
 Portrait of Dr. Jonathan Kelber.

Biology prof paves 
way for future breast cancer treatments

 CSUN Magazine (Kelber)


Publication Log - a growing list of writings by faculty and students

Full-Time Faculty

Larry Allen: CR5101/MG4112; 818-677-4037;

Lisa Banner: CR5417/5411; 818-677-7655;

Chhandak Basu: CS3218A; 818-677-4592;

David Bermudes: MG4216; 818-677-6062;

Robert Carpenter: MG4110; 818-677-3256;

Randy Cohen: CR5416; 818-677-2352;

Cheryl Courtney-Hogue: CR5315; 818-677-3349;

Maria Elena deBellard: CS3216B; 818-677-6470;

Steve Dudgeon: MG4105; 818-677-7322;

Peter Edmunds: MG4113B; 818-677-2502;

Robert Espinoza: CR5319; 818-677-4980;

Gilberto E. Flores: EH2208A; 818-677-4276;

David Gray: CR5327; 818-677-7653;

Yoshie Hanzawa: CR5217/5207;

Fritz Hertel: CR5321; 818-677-3353;

Ray Hong: CS3211; 818-677-3347;

Tim Karels: CR5320; 818-677-2990;

Jonathan Kelber: CR5220; 818-677-4481;

Mariano Loza Coll: CR5421; 818-677-4411;

Rachel Mackelprang: EH2207; 818-677-4589;

Cindy Malone: CR5423; 818-677-6145;

Rheem Medh: CR5422; 818-677-3338;

Sean Murray: EH2205D; 818-677-2950;

Kerry Nickols: MG4200; 818-677-6147;

Jeanne Robertson: CR5318; 818-677-4408;

Cristian Ruiz Rueda: CR5205; 818-677-6217;

Paula Schiffman: CR5314; 818-677-3350;

Mark Steele: MG4100; 818-677-4270;

Nyssa Silbiger: MG4109A/4109; 818-677-4427;   

Mary-Pat Stein: CS3220A; 818-677-5603;

Michael Summers: EH2200; 818-677-7146;

Melissa Takahashi: EH2226D; 818-677-4483;

Casey terHorst: CR5316; 818-677-3352;

Cheryl Van Buskirk: CS3216A; 818-677-4591;

Virginia Vandergon: CR5418; 818-677-6362;

Jeremy Yoder: CR5313; 818-677-2158;   @JBYoder

Maria Elena Zavala: CS3207; 818-677-3342;



Maurie Beck: CR5218 ;  818-677-4674;

Ali Ebneshahidi: CR5218; 818-677-6553;

Desiree Goetting: CR5218; 818-677-2670;

Michael Franklin: MG4112D; 818-677-7145;

Loni Hands: CR5219; 818-677-2971; 

Cynthia Hitchcock: CR5319; 818-677-4980;

James Hogue: CR5334; 818-677-3310;

Dana Harmon: CR5219; 818-677-4482;

Cynthia Kay-Nishiyama: CR5219; 818-677-4339;

Karen Koch: CR5420; 818-677-4335;

Ernest Kwok: CR5434; 818-677-3383;

Janet Kubler:

Paul Lonquich: CR5219; 818-677-2616;

Daniel Odom: CR5210; 818-677-5375;

Cody Russell: CR5218; 818-677-6218;

Georgios Tsounis: MG4113B; 818-677-5314;

Edward Zambrano: JD1573; 818-677-4606;



Michael Abernathy, Instructional Support Assistant – Wet Lab MG4112; 818-677-4037;

Danielle Amoroso, Instructional Support Technician – Freshman Labs CR5233; 818-677-4416;

Sarah Cohen, Administrative Support Assistant CR5101; 818-677-3356;

Ann Dorsey, Instructional Support Technician – Botanic Garden and Greenhouse Greenhouse; 818-677-3496;

Wendy Dunbarr, Instructional Support Technician – Stockroom CR5108; 818-677-2056;             

Vickie Everhart, Administrative Support Coordinator CR5101; 818-677-3356; 818-677-2034;

Manuel Fernandez, Instructional Support Technician – Microbiology Preparation Lab MG4205; 818-677-2891;

Linda Gharakhanian, Administrative Analyst/Specialist CR5101; 818-677-3356;

Rachel Giacopuzzi-Brown, Administrative Analyst – Minority Biomedical Research Support (MBRS) EH2310; 818-677-4981;

Mark Harris, Instructional Support Technician – Freshman Labs CR5233; 818-677-4416;

Cherie Hawthorne, Administrative Support Coordinator CR5101; 818-677-3356;

James Hogue, Instructional Support Technician – Herbarium/Vertebrate Collection CR5334; 818-677-2861;

Brenda Kanno, Instructional Support Technician – Botanic Garden and Greenhouse Greenhouse; 818-677-3496;

William Krohmer, Administrative Analyst/Specialist III – Manager of Technical Services & Safety CR5412; 818-677-4426;

Karen Moore, Instructional Support Technician – Freshman Lab CR5233; 818-677-4416;

Audrey Morehead, Instructional Support Assistant – Microbiology Preparation Lab MG4205; 818-677-2891;

Elizabeth Perez, Stockroom Assistant – Stockroom, CR5108; 818-677-2056;

Terri Richardson M.D., Pre-Health Advisor, 818/677-7305, CR 5104;

Toni Uhlendorf, Instructional Support Technician – Vivarium Supervisor CR5113; 818-677-3992;


Emerita and Emeritus Faculty

Nancy Bishop

Linda Caren

Mary Corcoran

Jim Dole (still on campus as an academic advisor):

Anthony Gaudin

Kenneth C. Jones: 818-458-7523

Daisy Kuhn

Joyce Maxwell:

Joseph Moore:

Steven Oppenheimer: CR5433; 818-677-3336;

Ross Pohlo

Edward Pollock

O. Tacheeni Scott

Phillip Sheeler

Mary Lee Sparling:

Charles Spotts

Charles Weston

Kenneth Wilson: P.O. Box 39512, Los Angeles, CA 90039-0512

Deceased Faculty

Peter Bellinger, Larry Baresi, Kevin Daly, William A. Emboden, Jr., George Fisler, Warren Furumoto, John Kontogiannis, Liyun Liu, Jennifer Matos, Aïda Metzenberg, Stan Metzenberg, Richard Potter, Richard Swade, Paul Tomasek