Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a need-based form of Financial Aid that students earn through on or off-campus employment and receive in the form of a paycheck. The intent of the Federal Work-Study Program is to encourage part-time employment and reduce the amount of loan debt incurred while attending college. Money students earn under work-study does not count against the student’s aid eligibility when filling out next year’s FAFSA. Undergraduate, Credential and Graduate students with demonstrated high need are considered for a federal work-study award if all eligibility criteria are met and funds are available. The type of positions available through the federal work-study program include part-time paid internships, community service, research projects, or other endeavors closely related to a student’s academic degree program.


For more detailed information on the FWS program and how to look for on and off-campus FWS jobs, go to


If you're a work-study supervisor, visit this page to find mandatory annual meeting dates, your workplace manual and other pertinent information.