• HEAL Project

The HEAL Project

What is it?

The HEAL Project connects CSUN at-promise students with resources they need to thrive in college and promote student success. The HEAL Project uses a healing-centered engagement (HCE) approach to provide access to support services for “at-promise” students shifting to an asset-based approach. Healing Centered Engagement (HCE) is a holistic educational approach to working with communities who have experienced trauma from systemic oppression (Ginwright, 2018). The HEAL Project is funded by Campus Quality Fee. 

How does it work?

The collaborative process between the student, the HEAL Project Coordinator and support from a Master in Social Work (MSW) intern identifies barriers and stressors that impact the students’ well-being and academics success. Students are connected to the appropriate resource and services that will support the student’s journey. The HEAL Project does not provide therapy, rather it creates a relationship process that provides additional support to students who are experiencing challenges that hinder their full potential. Through this process, the staff utilizes a holistic approach and a cultural humility lens to meet students’ needs and ensure they have the necessary tools and support to thrive at CSUN. Each process will vary depending on the student’s needs.

How do I get connected?


Meet with Students

  • Explore possible barriers and identify type of support student hopes to receive
  • Develop an action plan with student to maximize success outcomes

Resource Connections

  • Connect students to the specific contact person offering the appropriate resource
  • Ensure resources are inclusive and meet the student’s needs


  • Follow-up with student and assess their progress. Ensure student feels supported through the process
  • Depending on student’s needs, schedule future follow-up meetings
  • Identify if other types of support are needed