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The Matador Advising Hub

Welcome to Matador Advising Hub!

Out of an abundance of caution related to COVID-19, and in compliance with the CDC’s recommendation of social distancing, the Matador Advising Hub & Hub-International Advising main office has moved to a virtual presence.  We are providing all services virtually.  See the "Contact" information and telephone service hours posted on the sidebar. Our professional academic advisors offer a variety of support services in order to promote and foster student development and academic success. Holistic services include first-year major and General Education advisement, assistance in identifying short- and long-term goals, and referrals to College and University resources for academic, personal and professional development. In addition, the Hub-International Academic Advisement Center provides comprehensive support and advisement services to all new F-1 international undergraduate students. Individualized services include early outreach, academic advisement, first-semester enrollment into degree applicable courses, university orientation and second-semester referrals.

We are excited that you are at CSUN and look forward to getting to know you better.

First-Time Freshmen – Spring 2021 Advisement Process

If you are a first-time freshman and Admissions & Records officially approved your deferral from Fall 2020 admission to Spring 2021, the enrollment cycle will begin in November. 

More information will be provided by mid-October 2020 with instructions how to sign up for one of the Spring 2021 New Student Advisement Workshops.

New F-1 International Student Advisement Process

Welcome! If you are a newly admitted F-1 international undergraduate student, please complete the Pre-Enrollment Steps 1-3 found at The Hub-International. Once you have completed Steps 1-3, we will assist you with the first semester enrollment process during the designated registration period.

First Time Freshman Checklist

Your journey begins here…

This checklist was created to help you plan for a successful start to your first semester at CSUN.

Fall 2020 First Time Freshman Checklist (.pdf)

Important Dates and Deadlines

Fall 2020 Instructional Days
Saturday-only and Friday-Saturday classes beginSaturday, August 22, 2020
Sunday-only classes beginSunday, August 23
Weekday classes beginMonday, August 24
Labor Day holiday weekend - no instructionSaturday-Monday, Sept. 5-7
Veterans Day holiday observed - no instructionWednesday, Nov. 11
Thanksgiving Recess - no instructionThursday-Sunday, Nov. 26-29
Last day of formal instructionTuesday, Dec. 8
Final examinationsWednesday-Tuesday, Dec. 9-15
Grades available through myNorthridge Portal startingWednesday, Dec. 9 (updated nightly thereafter)
Last day of Fall 2020 semesterWednesday, Dec. 23
Registration Periods
Early Registration and Wait Listing beginMonday, April 6, 2020
First-time freshman advisement and registration beginMonday, June 8
Registration-by-Appointment. Maximum load: 17 enrolled units*  From your registration appointment through July 5
Wait listing period (maximum 13 wait-listed units)From your registration appointment through Sunday, August 30, 11:59 pm
Repeating courses is permitted startingJuly 6
Nonrestrictive Registration. No appointment needed. Maximum load: 17 units
July 6 through August 23
Late Registration / Schedule Adjustment
Week 1
Wait listing continues through Labor Day. Permission is not required to add classes (except for restricted classes).
August 26–30, 11:59 pm
Weeks 2-4
Permission is required to add ALL classes. Wait listing is not available.
August 31-Sept. 18
Last day to add with permission, drop, or change grading basis (CR/NC) using online, self-service registrationSept. 18

Events for New Freshmen

Money Matters

To avoid disenrollment from classes, students must pay all tuition and fees by established dates/deadlines. Please visit Fee Payment Schedule.

Note: Disenrollment means that your registration in some or all classes, including wait listed classes will be cancelled. There is no guarantee that you will be able to re-enroll in the same classes.

Enrollment Handouts

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I schedule my advisement for Fall 2020?

Beginning May 26th, Fall 2020 Freshmen who have declared their Intent to Register by the May 1st deadline will be sent an invitation to schedule their advisement. Please be sure to check your CSUN email account (ending with for important messages, including a link to sign up for a freshman workshop.

2. I need help activating my CSUN email account. What should I do?

Please visit Information Technology for detailed instructions on how to activate your CSUN email account. Be sure to check your CSUN email account regularly for important deadlines and information.

3. When will I be able to enroll in my Fall 2020 classes?

Freshmen served by Matador Advising Hub must complete the Pre-Enrollment Steps outlined on this site prior to scheduling their advisement and enrollment. Freshmen may enroll in their classes beginning June 8th and continuing through the summer. Please note that the university has set aside sufficient class seats for the incoming freshmen who will be enrolling during the summer.

4. I am an incoming EOP freshman. Who do I contact regarding my advisement and enrollment?

All incoming EOP-admitted freshmen are served by the Student Services Center/EOP Satellite housed in their respective academic college. Exploratory EOP freshmen are served by the Advising Resource Center/EOP.

5. I am participating in the Liberal Studies Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP)-Freshmen Option. Who do I contact regarding my advisement and enrollment?

Students participating in the ITEP-Freshman Option are served by the Liberal Studies Program located in EA 100. ITEP-Freshman Option is for students interested in an integrated 4-year BA+Credential program. If interested in ITEP-Freshman Option, contact for eligibility and advisement information.

Students majoring in all other options of Liberal Studies are served by the Matador Advising Hub throughout their first year at CSUN.

6. I have registered for support services with Disability Resources and Educational Services (DRES). How do I schedule my advisement for Fall 2020?

Students registered for support services must complete all three pre-enrollment steps as outlined on this site. If preferred, students who have registered with DRES may attend an advisement workshop or meet with an advisor individually. If an individual advisement is preferred, please call us at (818) 677-2900 to make a request. If you should need accommodations for your appointment, please let us know.

7. What should I do to prepare for my advisement session?

You should prepare a tentative class schedule to review with your advisor. However, remember that the schedule you create is just for practice. You should make a list of your questions prior to your advisement session. Since our advisement sessions this summer may take place online, you may want to review and practice how to use Zoom (a free video conferencing tool). For more information about Zoom, please see for more information.

8. What should I expect for my advisement appointment?

Traditionally our advisement appointments have been in-person group sessions. However, out of an abundance of caution, our advisement sessions will be presented through Zoom (a free video conference tool) until further notice. Students will have an opportunity to speak with advisors during the session.

9. How long will my advisement session take?

Please allow two to three hours for the advisement/registration session.

10. Will I be asked to reschedule my advisement session if I do not arrive on time?

Students who arrive late may be asked to reschedule.

11. Can I bring a guest or family member to attend the advisement/registration session?

Due to limited seating and privacy issues, only students with a confirmed reservation will be permitted to attend the advisement/registration sessions.

12. I have registered for my Fall 2020 classes but was disenrolled due to non-payment of fees. What should I do now?

Please email your Hub Academic Advisor at for assistance. Although you will be able to re-enroll for classes, you may not be able to enroll in exactly the same courses.

Most first-year freshmen receive advising, support and enrollment assistance from the Matador Advising Hub with the exception of: 

Please be sure to contact the appropriate advising office for your Fall 2020 advisement.