Groups and Workshops

University Counseling Services (UCS) offers a wide variety of free group treatment, including wellness workshops, support groups, and therapy groups and psycho-educational workshops, to currently enrolled students. Therapists facilitate a wide variety of groups and workshops in order to meet both the personal and academic needs of our students. Groups and workshops can offer solutions to challenges you are facing in a different way than individual counseling.

Below are some common questions about group counseling and workshops. 

What is a therapy group and how does it work?

Group therapy is one of the many different forms of treatment that are offered at UCS. In group therapy, approximately five to eight individuals meet face-to-face on a weekly basis with trained group therapists. As trust and respect are built, participants usually feel more comfortable sharing personal matters that are of concern. Feedback is often solicited from other group members.

During group therapy, people begin to see that they are not alone and can be helped. Many times, people feel very unique in their problems. It is encouraging to hear that other people have a similar difficulty or have already worked through a problem that is similar to another group member. Sometimes issues that are occurring outside of the group like trust, anger and anxiety might show up in the group, which allows for self-learning in a controlled and educational environment.

People who join groups are requested to keep the content of the group sessions confidential. What people talk about or disclose in groups must remain among the members of the group. It is not appropriate for a group member to disclose events of the group to an outside person. Therapy groups can be demographic or theme-oriented. UCS offers unlimited group sessions for enrolled students.

What is a workshop, and how does it work?

Psycho-educational workshops are usually time-limited with one to five meetings and taught by trained therapists. In psycho-educational workshops, the goal is to provide students with specific skills and techniques in order to meet their particular needs. Psycho-educational workshops are both didactic and interactive. Experiential exercises are often utilized to help students practice new skills in a safe and educational environment. Feedback is given and participants are encouraged to practice outside of the workshop.

Can I still be in individual therapy and participate in a group or workshop?

Most likely, yes. If you are in personal therapy, we recommend that you speak with your therapist before signing up for a therapy group.