College of HHD

  • csun matador statue against a blue sky with college credo enhance, enrich, and empower the human experience
  • HHD enhance enrich and empower the human experience shows sequoia trees against the sky
  • students walking along on campus, names of HHD departments superimposed
  • shows hands of interior design students as they draft a project
  • children and teacher interacting
  • dance students performing flying turn
  • students practice archery in kinesiology class
  • nursing students following proper covid safety procedures in on campus class

Child and Family Studies Center

teacher shows child how to tie shoe on one foot as child practices on the other footAccredited by the National Academy of Early Childhood for maintaining, the Center holds the highest standards in early childhood education and by the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences.

It is a high quality instructional site where CSUN students learn teaching skills under the mentorship of master teachers and faculty as they interact with children of the community and get to know families.

Outreach efforts include programs assisting youth and their families, parenting newsletters, parenting classes, and presentations to community groups. Visit the website for the Child and Family Studies Center.