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Matthew Contreras 

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Ruben Ramos 
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Support the Board’s Lasting Legacy of Leadership at CSUN

USU Board of Directors & Associated Students Elections
Vote on Wednesday, April 3 – Thursday, April 4

The University Student Union (USU) Board of Directors is a student-led, action-oriented team dedicated to making a difference for every Matador. They make many important decisions to improve campus life for all CSUN students.

Over the last few years, the Board has been responsible for significant new additions to the USU at CSUN including the Student Recreation Center, Veterans Resource Center, Pride Center and the Oasis Wellness Center. Each year, they bring you popular USU events like Matafest, Matador Nights, CARNAVAL, Crunch Time and about a hundred more.

That’s why it’s important for vote in the USU Board of Directors and Associated Students Elections this spring — because the people you elect will get things done for you. It’s a lasting legacy of leadership that benefits each of us.

Check your CSUN email to cast your vote or visit a CSUN Campus Voting Poll Station.

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2019 USU Board of Directors Candidate Statements

All statements were provided by the candidates and are unedited by the University Student Union.

  • Melanie AlvarezMelanie Alvarez

    Melanie is determined to represent all voices of CSUN students at the USU by advocating for more inclusivity in order to enrich the college experience for everyone. Melanie uses her passion for Social Justice and past involvement with the Diversity and Inclusion committee as a platform to advocate for cultural diversity and makes sure that each student has an opportunity to voice their opinion. Melanie makes sure to voice her opinion for underrepresented communities and works hard to make change that will continue to benefit future generations here at CSUN. 

  • Mallori ConedyMallori Conedy

    Mallori Conedy served as a Logistics chair for the Black Grad committee in spring of 2018. I am a Computer Science major. I am interested to be on the Board of Director of the University of Student Union. By being a member of Student Union Board of Directors (BOD) Mallori  would like to make a positive impact to the Students attending CSUN by helping to create innovating ideas for events held at the school that enhance our minds, character and social awareness. Mallori is determined to help maintain the diversity and integrity of the Board of Directors. I will be an asset to the team by rallying other students to get involved. From this experience I would like to grow as a person, develop the necessary skills needed to be successful as I step into my career path and start working in my profession. 

  • Matthew ContrerasMatthew Contreras
    Stronger Together

    Matthew Contreras is a community organizer who passionately advocates for all CSUN students. He has served on the USU Diversity and Inclusion Committee and the CSUN LGBTQ+ Advisory Committee. Matthew continuously collaborates with organizations on and off campus to support marginalized communities and homeless youth. He plans to increase awareness of major projects, focus on improving campus infrastructure, and create a better learning environment by supporting  resource centers. Matthew looks forward to serving the students and the University. 

  • Liliana Crespo-PalafoxLiliana Crespo-Palafox

    Liliana Palafox is currently part of the Board of Directors Facilities and Commercial Services Committee and works at the EOP DREAM Center. Liliana would like to raise the voices of CSUN students by highlighting the various events at the USU. As a mother she has encountered difficulties that she wishes to resolve to make CSUN more inclusive by providing resources for students of all backgrounds. 

  • Kelly De LeonKelly De Leon

    Kelly De Leon has a strong passion for student advocacy. Being a student organizer with the Central American United Student Association and Revolutionary Scholars, Kelly has seen that the USU offers a unique space to give students the opportunity to thrive and reach their full potential. By having a seat on the USU BoD, Kelly is determined to ensure that the USU is diligently serving all students needs through their policies, expenditures, and resources.

  • Arrah Ebot EnawArrah Ebot Enaw

    Arrah Enaw served as the Chair of the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors. She desires to continue working on what she started on the Board, by making sure students’ suggestions on how to improve campus life are taken into consideration. Arrah is a passionate leader who believes helping others is an essential skill for an inclusive world. She equally plans to advocate for students with disabilities to have more resources on campus. 

  • Christopher OrdonezChristopher Ordonez

    Christopher Ordonez is committed to fostering student’s intersectionality by enhancing resources and services, which will allow students to become advocates and leaders in our community. Christopher is a former member of the Board of Directors Facilities and Commercial Services Committee at the University Student Union. He had the privilege to advocate for students that needed a safe and inclusive space on campus. Some of the work he has done while being a committee member was to expand space for the EOP Dream Center and create more gender inclusive restrooms at the Sol Center. Christopher wants the USU to be the place where student’s needs are being heard, understood, and met so that they can overall succeed in their college careers. Christopher plans to do this with an honest, empathetic, and holistic approach.

  • Ruben RamosRuben Ramos

    Ruben is part of Resilience Scholars and Revolutionary Scholars project. As an advocate for foster youth and system impacted students, Ruben envisions a bridge that gap between every student needs and resources to ensure successful healing. For the past year Ruben has maintained a healthy gpa and has been an integral part of activism these past years, tediously against 1100/1100R that students of color while maintaining focus on. His goal is to amplify and uplift student voices that are systematically affected while making sure every student has access to the resources they need now! Developing more healing workshops for all students, forming circles of unity breaking through past traumas and experiences. Until then he will be committed to his students and community.

  • Tammy RassamekiarttisakTammy Rassamekiarttisak

    Tammy Rassamekiarttisak would like to continuously ensure that the University Student Union best serves the interests’ and needs’ of the students where they can feel a sense of community and belonging. She would like to create an inclusive, fun, and growth-enhancing environment to support student academic success and professional development through events and programs. She has served on the Facilities and Commercial Services committee and worked on the expansion of the EOP Dream Center.

  • Cedric ReveraCedric Revera

    Cedric Antonio Revera is an advocate for Social Justice. Serving on the Board of Directors, he plans to ensure representation for students who come from oppressed communities. He will promote equity, propose inclusive policies, and, uphold accessibility standards. A vote for Cedric is a vote for YOUR representation.

  • Giselle ReyesGiselle Reyes

    Giselle Reyes wants to maximize your student experience!

    For her, this means creating a path where your potential is limitless. Giselle is a Coordinator at the Office of Student Involvement and Development and a former USU employee. Giselle is currently a Masters candidate for Educational Leadership and Policies Studies, she wants to make a career out of her passion for student affairs. If elected a seat on the Board of Directors, Giselle will be your advocate to ensure your success is abundant and purposeful.