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On-Campus Opportunities

On-Campus Opportunities

Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority (GRL)

Gamma Rho Lambda Sorority (GRL) is a multicultural social sorority for women, trans women, trans men and non-binary students of any race, culture or sexual orientation. GRL is all-inclusive and dedicated to providing a social support system for young college students by exemplifying the qualities of tolerance, diversity, unity and trust. In addition, GRL provides a network of assistance in the areas of scholastic guidance, emotional support and community service while ultimately developing lifelong family bonds. For more information, visit GRL on their official webpage , Facebook, Instagram or email at or

The F-Word

The F-Word’s mission is to create and provide open and safe feminist spaces for students at CSUN.

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer Alliance (LGBTQA)

The purpose of LGBTQA is to provide a safe, supportive, nonjudgmental atmosphere in which members of the CSUN community can dedicate themselves to the political, cultural, educational and social advancement of campus life.

Unified We Serve

Unified We Serve is an opportunity offered for students to participate in furthering their education through serving the community.

The Women’s Research and Resource Center

The Women’s Research and Resource Center, supported by the College of Humanities and Associated Students, serves as a place where students on campus and in the community can find resources and services.

CSUN LGBTQA Alumni Association

The purpose of the CSUN LGBTQA Alumni Association is to serve as an LGBT-focused and alumni-driven organization whose role is to provide tangible educational, mentoring, and reputational benefits to LGBTQA students, alumni, university faculty and the community, including:

Benefits to students via educational, networking, mentoring and social experiences which support a student's personal development and help prepare them to make an impact in their future workplace and in their community

  • Benefits to alumni via opportunities to give back to their alma mater, help develop students as future LGBTQA leaders, and engage with other fellow LGBTQA alumni
  • Benefit to the university / faculty via programming that, together with the queer studies program, supports the university's reputation as an LGBT-friendly and progressive university
  • Benefit to the community by leveraging alumni, students, and faculty to support local and national LGBT causes and improve the overall experience for the LGBT community throughout the San Fernando Valley and greater Los Angeles area


QueerSTEM is a bi-weekly club that serves the LGBT+ community involved in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics that provides networking opportunities, group talks, platforms to practice presentations and paper discussions with the goal of creating a sense of bravery and unity. 

For a list of all clubs and how to get involved, contact the Matador Involvement Center (MIC)