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Music Therapy Clinic Information

Information regarding Covid-19

Unfortunately the clinic is closed to on-sight music therapy services. However, we are doing ZOOM music therapy sessions. If you are interested in distance music therapy services please contact us at

Please read below about our clinic.

Listing of summer programs offered on-line 

On-line Summer Music

June 14th - July 18th

Free classes with suggested donations!
For more info email:

Sing silly stories, play games, and tap into how music promotes learning with musical games, rhythm, and lots of fun.

Lets sing well-known songs and learn fun new ones. We'll dance and march around, whoop and holler, and sing and play.

Music has an impact oon our mental & physical state.  Adults can harness the power of music to improve their daily lives & improve their mood.

Interactive story time. Sing a good night song, relax, listen, and explore the music.

Teens/Yound\g Adults will compose their own songs, and create their own music to go along.

Increase social skills and communication through singing.

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The Music Therapy Wellness Clinic at CSUN

The Music Therapy Wellness Clinic provides individually designed music activities for children and adults with disabilities and special challenges, including autism, developmental delay, physical, mental and emotional disorders, and learning disabilities.

Music therapy is a field that uses music in a prescribed manner as a treatment for rehabilitating, maintaining, and improving the lives of persons with physical, intellectual and emotional disabilities. Music Therapy is a creative arts therapy similar to others such as Art, Dance, and Drama Therapy. It is, however, unique in that music provides an accessible and enjoyable medium for growth and learning. It is a healing art, based on scientific principles and grounded in research.

The Music Therapy Wellness Clinic is dedicated to creating an environment where an individual with special challenges can acquire necessary life skills through the unique, creative and enjoyable medium of music. Our therapists are internationally recognized and encompass a range of techniques and areas of expertise. Our entire treatment team is dedicated to creating the opportunity for each participant to express his or her true creative essence while gaining needed skills and enhancing self-esteem.

The Music Therapy Wellness Clinic is a teaching clinic for the CSUN Music Therapy Department. As such, all sessions are utilized for student observation and learning and are part of the educational process for future music therapists.

Some of the benefits of Music Therapy include:

  • Development of fine and gross motor skills
  • Improvement in acquisition and application of academic fundamentals
  • Development of practical life skills
  • Increase in socialization
  • Enhancement of self-esteem
  • Expansion of the quality of life through musical enjoyment and creative self-expression

The Music Therapy Wellness Clinic provides individual and group sessions conducted by a highly trained and experienced Music Therapist. A variety of instruments are used, including piano, guitar, percussion, autoharp, recorder, electronic instruments, harmonica, and voice.

The Music Therapy Wellness Clinic Directors

Ron Borczon, Director

Ron Borczon

Ron Borczon, MT-BC, founded the Music Therapy Department at California State University, Northridge in 1984. After more than 25 years, he remains director of the program, one of only two in the State of California. He also instructs classical guitar at the university. Mr. Borczon holds a M.M. degree from the University of Southwestern Louisiana, a B.M. in Music Therapy and a B.A. in Music with an emphasis on performance, from Florida State University. Ron has been recognized internationally for his innovative approach with victims of traumatic events and has been honored by the American Music Therapy Association, as well as the Western Region American Music Therapy Association. He is the author of Music Therapy Group Vignettes and Music Therapy Fieldwork Primer. Ron has served as Director of the Music Therapy Program since 1984 and Director of the Clinic since 1996.

Julie Berghofer, Clinical Supervisor

Julie Berghofer

Julie Berghofer has worked at the CSUN Music Therapy Wellness Clinic since 1996. Julie received her musical education, music therapy training and teaching credential from London, England. She has experience as a clinician, consultant, teacher, supervisor and external examiner in the UK and USA. In 2003, Julie was awarded the Professional Practice Award from the Western Region American Music Therapy Association for her continued contribution to the profession. She is one of the authors of the IMTAP – the ‘Individualized Music Therapy Assessment Profile’ published by JKP, and used internationally by colleges and clinicians. Julie uses the Creative Music Therapy approach, developed by Paul Nordoff and Clive Robbins. She participates in introductory training and demonstration of clinical improvisation techniques. Julie continues to be inspired by her clients, and aspires to enable each individual to reach their full potential. 

MTWC Clinicians

Yessenia Gonzalez, Asst. Director

Yessenia Gonzalez

Yessenia Gonzalez, MSW, is a graduate from the Music TherapyProgram at California State University, Northridge and a graduate from the Master's in Social Work program at USC. Yessenia completed her clinical internship at Fairview DevelopmentalCenter, in Costa Mesa California where she worked with adults with developmental disabilities to provide quality service that meet individual needs and promote self-determination and independence. She began her work experience at the CSUN MTWC in 2014, working with a wide variety of clients, in both individual and group settings. Through the implementation and integration of technology, she is able to meet the needs of her clients. Her clinical training as a social worker has focused on children and families, and consisted of work in schools and non-profits. Along with her current work at CSUN, Yessenia works inMental Health and uses music to connect  with her clients. 

Rebeca Orantes, Clinician

Rebeca OranteRebeca Orantes is a board certified music therapist that completed her Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy at California State University, Northridge. Prior to graduating, Rebeca completed a 6-month internship at Professional Child Development Associates in Pasadena, CA. She worked with children under the age of 21 diagnosed with a wide range of developmental disabilities, such as Autism and Cerebral Palsy. During her time at PCDA, Rebeca was trained in the DIR/Floortime® approach, a relationship-based model that focuses on the social-emotional development of a child. In addition, Rebeca has experience working with geriatric populations in assisted living facilities, memory care homes, and senior centers, using music to promote wellness, memory recall, and life enrichment. Rebeca is passionate about sharing music with all ages, using its undeniable power to create meaningful moments, encourage growth, and empower individuals.

Judy Langdon, Clinician

Judy Langdon

Judy Langdon is a graduate from the Music Therapy Program atCalifornia State University Northridge. Judy completed her clinical internship at Professional Child Development Associates in Pasadena, California, where she also received training inDIR®/Floortime™, a relationship-based therapy model. During her internship, Judy supported children, teens, and young adult clients with various disabilities to meet individual needs and promote social-emotional development. Judy has utilized her music therapy expertise and techniques to facilitate sessions at teen rehab centers and camps.

Clinician: Debbie Sipos, Clinician

Debbie Sipos

Debbie Sipos is a board certified music therapist, with a specialty certificate in neurologic music therapy, and a music educator, teaching in various school districts and in charter schools since 1995. She is also a private music instructor for typical students as well as those with special needs. Debbie received her SEA certification from the UCLArts and HealingProgram. Debbie completed her clinical fieldwork and internship at Aegis Assisted Living, and graduated with her 2nd BA inMusic Therapy from CSUN.  Debbie also has a private music therapy practice in Thousand Oaks, CA.  

Group photo of Music Therapy Clinic staff

Registration and Fees:

  • $40 per 25-minute individual session
  • $60 per 45-minute individual session
  • $40 per 45-minute group
  • $50 materials fee per semester

The Rising Star Choir

The Rising Star choir is a unique musical experience geared toward children with Autism.  The choir sings music of different styles as well as music that the choir members compose individually in addition to music composed as a group. During the rehearsals, non-music goals such as socialization, self-esteem, attention to task and the creative process are considered and structured for by the Music Therapist.  Currently, the choir participates in two performances yearly, one in December and the other in May.  Funding from the Rising Star Music Fund provides the tuition for all participants so that there is no cost to the family.  The choir generally meets on Saturday afternoons.  If interested in more information on the choir, please contact the clinic.  

The Sunshine Singers

The Sunshine Singers is a music therapy group whose approach is based upon the naturally inherent therapeutic situations that result from learning, rehearsing, and performing as a choir. Choir members are young adults with a wide array of challenges. Each individual is encouraged to share their unique voice, and when all these voices come together, the Sunshine Singers shine. Despite the differences between the individual members who make up the choir, each and every one embarks on a journey of creative collaboration. The infectious joy of this process is then shared with an audience, who walk away touched by the music of these performers.   The cost of the Sunshine Singers is $50.00 per month.

Sunshine singers

The Sunshine Singers Holiday Concert performing at CSUN.

Thank you to Dr. Ami Belli for your generous contribution of $20,000 in memory of your husband Remo Belli. These funds will enable clients who cannot afford music therapy the ability to attend the clinic as well as a scholarship for a music therapy student pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Music Therapy.

Contact Information

To contact the clinic please call 818-677-5663 or you can email us at