College of HHD

HHD Stories Come to Life: A New Video Series

June 15, 2021

Stories Come to Life as we follow up on alumni and friends whose stories have been featured in CSUN Today.  In this premiere episode, Dean Webb and Health Sciences Department Chair Sal Esparza talk with Terri Stratton, alumni of CSUN Health Sciences (BS, MPH) who is CEO of El Dorado Community Health Centers in Northern California.  

CSUN Today featured Terri Stratton's story in January 2021, where she shared her experience of planning and distribution of of vaccines for COVID-19 as they were first becoming available during a desperate time.  We talked to her about what has happened since, how she developed her career following graduation from CSUN, and how her degrees prepared her for her future.

Article referenced: CSUN Today, January 13, 2021
Unprecedented Urgency: Public Health Alum Plans COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution